One of my Maxims is – “think, slow down and provide quality work the first time” around, and they are right, who wants to do the job twice?

Personal Tax

Accounting has been around longer than me, yes believe that. In fact, it existed as far back as caveman times, when accounting was the trading of items of equal value “You give me your sheepskin, and I give you this big stick”, “O.K. FredFlintstone you have a deal”. Yes bartering was the first type of accounting to man and from there we evolved to the complex accounting we use today.

I have not been around accounting that long, but long enough to know that I live, love, smile and laugh (with not at) my career as an accountant.

Whoever said accountants don’t have a sense of humor really needs to think again!!!

What other profession would self-inflict accounting pain and misery day, week, month and year after year?

So can I count on you to choose my career? Sorry about the pun!!!

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